Gold Mine Effect

Gold has always been one of the most precious metals and a
very popular
finishing for details in some industries. Gold Mine Effect paint
gives the same
luxurious finish that creates the look of shimmering gold.
Suggested Application
This water base paint is suitable for interior and exterior walls.
Can be applied
to most suitably prepared plasterboard, plaster, wood, masonry
and previously
painted surfaces. New and old plasters based on Hydraulic
1. Fire Resistant.
2. Waterproof.
3. Weather resistant.
4. Chemical resistant.
5. UV resistant.
6. Can be used in interiors as well as exterior.
7. Flexible.
8. Crack free.
9. Gives gold look.
10.Thermal control.
How to Apply
1 coat of Zirco Primer.
2 coat Gold Mine Effect Paint with the second coat applied when the first coat dries.

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